Gravity: London Co-Living Disruptor Changing the Way Young Professionals Live, Work and Play

Gravity is a tech-enabled co-living brand creating a global community of young professionals by offering designed living spaces with a strong focus on delivering lifestyle experience for members. Gravity sees itself is a driver of personal and professional development.

Founded by Riccardo Tessaro and Susanna Rock in London in 2017, the company was launched to address the needs of today’s mobile young professionals by offering design-led living spaces with all-inclusive, flexible contracts, typically between 3 to 12 months.

At present Gravity operates 3 locations in London – 2 in Camden Town and 1 in Finsbury Park with over 100 beds. The team is currently working on a number of potential projects with strategic real estate partners in Paris, Barcelona, and Milan aiming to develop a global network of co-living spaces in major business hubs globally.

Regarded as one of the leading new co-living brands in London, Gravity sees itself well positioned to become the leading co-living brand in Europe.

“Our properties offer a variety of spaces and benefits that makes them the perfect home whilst working within the city. From productive co-working, relaxing outdoor areas, varying lounges, communal kitchens and fulfilling wellbeing spaces. Each property offers its unique character whilst still holding Gravity’s brand values”.

They are currently raising growth funding taking advantage of what has been a sudden boon in co-living-dwelling investment as a pandemic-ridden world hits the social and professional aspirations of the young professional cohort hardest. Co-living spaces are seen as mitigating environments that can offer a better balance of social, professional and personal development that ambitious younger people may have had little access to – in this present climate.

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