The Startup Crowdfunding to squash Conspiracies and Misinformation with AI and People Power uppercut

Logically AI is launching a new £2.1 million crowdfunding campaign to support the rollout of its next-generation threat-intelligence and fact-checking services. 

Founded in 2017 by MIT and Cambridge alum Lyric Jain, Logically is a social enterprise that leverages artificial and human intelligence to credibly curate news and social discourse today.  Working with government bodies and social platforms, and providing consumer products, the company solves for the issue of misinformation that plagues the world today. The company has offices in the U.K. and India, and is opening an office in the U.S.

Accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), the company combines multiple artificial intelligence (AI) models with the world’s largest team of expert fact-checkers aligned to areas of expertise to research, digest and provide context to a storyline. The Logically app organizes news from more than 100,000 sources into story clusters, analysing all content related to that specific story to provide a holistic view. The app will be continually evolving, with market-first updates coming in the next several weeks. 

“The idea for Logically came after witnessing the political polarization that now surrounds global elections, with campaigns using highly targeted and often misleading social media advertising to aid their campaigns,”said Lyric Jain, founder and CEO of Logically. “It was clear that the public both needed and wanted access to credible information they could reliably use to inform their decisions.”

The app frontpage design leads with scrollable and fact-checked trending storylines with veracity verdicts. For every storyline, there is a detailed and objective summary provided by the editorial team, “perspective” articles from different news sources to provide a complete view, key players listed with click-through profiles, and a timeline of events for the storyline, along with related articles for each date.  Any fact or image from any story, from inside or outside the app, can also be individually fact-checked by readers, and storylines and verdicts are shareable through social platforms and chat apps.

Logically reports: The new investment round will enable Logically to further capitalise on its position as a leader in the anti-misinformation and fact-checking industry in the UK, USA, India and globally, as they work to detect and mitigate harmful misinformation and deliberate disinformation at scale. Logically’s services have already been used to support election integrity efforts in the US and India, and are playing an important role in protecting the public against Covid-19 misinformation during the pandemic. Logically’s products and services are becoming increasingly important for governments, social platforms and brands as we see the real-world harm caused by what were previously considered fringe communities. From concerns about election interference to the rise of the anti-vax movement, and the proliferation of organised conspiracy groups such as QAnon, the real-world impacts on public safety and democratic processes caused by misinformation are becoming more evident. Now more than ever, the public needs access to clear, authoritative and trusted sources of information.

New product innovation is a key area of focus for Logically, whose combination of state-of-the-art AI and the largest dedicated fact-checking team in the world provides an early warning system for harmful disinformation campaigns before they are able to reach scale; as well as the ability for any member of the public to submit fact checks and read accurate and unbiased headlines via the Logically app.  

Founder and CEO Lyric Jain comments:

“Since I founded the company three years ago, we have seen the phenomenon of mis and disinformation take root, evolve and proliferate. Its proponents’ strategies and networks have become more sophisticated, and tackling them requires an equally sophisticated response. By way of real and immediate threats, we need look no further than the enormous misinformation challenge any Covid vaccination campaign will encounter. With this additional investment, we’ll be able to increase the speed and scale of the products and services Logically has developed that can make a real difference.” 

The campaign is being carried out by the Seedrs fundraising platform. For more information visit or